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SV 270S 125 SV Road Sport

A Drive with a Difference (The Caterham Experience)

The Caterham experience really is a "Drive with a Difference". A mixture of controllable power and performance, wind in your hair motoring. From the moment you settle into the moulded leather seats, press the button start, pick up the power on the throttle, and pull out on to the road. You begin to realise that this car is different from anything you have driven before.

The experience is best enjoyed on a fine day as they are essentially an open top sports car. That is why we are only open for business from when the weather picks up in March to the end of October. If it does come a shower all our cars have a full hood, we will show you how to put it up before you set off. If it turns out to be a really wet day, we will always give you the option to cancel and re-book for a better day. We want you to have the best drive possible. For cold days the cars all have heaters.

We can accommodate all sorts of booking combinations. You can register a single driver, with or without a passenger, or up to two drivers per car and take turns with the driving.

Couples can be any combination, husband, wife or partner, Boyfriend Girlfriend, Father and Son/Daughter, Mother and Son/Daughter or just good friends. Sometimes whole families hire one car, register two drivers and keep swopping over drivers and passengers while the rest of the group follows on in the family car.

How about booking two cars together with friends from work? With the right route this can be a super team building exercise which will be enjoyed not endured!

Take a picnic with you or stop off at any of the many restaurants/cafe's, craft centres or tourist attractions, you will pass along the way. This area is full of places well worth a stop. It's all part of the Caterham experience, but remember the best bit is driving the seven "A Drive with a Difference".